Supporting the Under-Served and Under-Represented.

HIV/AIDS Support Services

Our mission is our Outreach

The Bradley Corporation achieves its mission through a continuum of care comprised of street outreach, a range of supportive housing, and comprehensive services. We address the root causes of homelessness through neighborhood-based affordable housing, economic development, and environmental enhancement programs, as well as through providing access to employment opportunities; adult and youth education; and health care. The Bradley Corporation is committed to social and political advocacy. An integral part of our work is education about the realities of homelessness and poverty and vigorous advocacy on behalf of and with homeless and low-income persons for more just and humane public policies. The corporation is committed to nurturing a spirit of community among persons from all walks of life, all of whom have a role to play in making this a more just and compassionate society.

The efforts of The Bradley Corporation is to help persons affected by HIV/AIDS live well. Our comprehensive, client-centered approach includes education, housing, food, transportation and healthy life skills training. We strive to enlighten the Mid-South community in a manner that heightens awareness, facilitates acceptance and promotes prevention. The work of The Bradley Corporation is rooted in our strong spiritual conviction of the dignity of each person. We believe that all persons are entitled to decent, affordable housing and access to quality education, employment, and health care.

Please click here, to learn more about the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Emergency (CARE) Act

  • "HIV/AIDS has claimed the lives of more than 550,000 Americans. Today, about 1.1 million Americans are living with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, and one fifth of those infected are unaware of their infection."

  • "North Carolina reported 19,539 AIDS cases to CDC, cumulatively, from the beginning of the epidemic through December 2008. North Carolina is ranked 12th highest among the 50 states in cumulative reported AIDS cases. "