Supporting the Under-served and Under-Represented.

Team Support 4 Veterans

Our mission is our Veterans

The Bradley-Reid Corporation fills the void of assistance for veterans service organizations, and there military families.

Our approach is very unique housing program for veterans transitioning from a life of homelessness, no support from family, unemployment. We work with you and your support to bring together a lifestyle of working, family redevelopment, business development, support group services to avoid drugs, and focusing on a career, family and a positive future. With a social service coordinator, you, and our staff we can assist veterans in obtaining permanent housing and finding work.

All of these approaches will not work without team work, partnership, love and support to provide a community-based facilities where veterans can help another veterans through the camaraderie of living in structured, substance-free environments with fellow veterans who are succeeding at bettering themselves.

Bring them home to a real home

It's not what The Bradley Reid Corporation is doing, but what are you doing? Success is not self, but success has a effect on everyone around you. Our work program gives veterans the unique opportunity to regain financial independence and rebuild self-esteem while helping other veterans in economic distress.

Our organization gets calls almost daily from veterans and their family members, plus sometime one of the children will call for help. Our veterans and their families are desperately seeking employment because they lost their jobs and are on the verge of losing their homes. The Charlotte market is richly growing behind the doors of what you see from natives news reports. There is HOPE, but it takes action.

At a time when as many as 850,000 veterans are without work in the U.S., VSO is hiring veterans interested in collecting donations from the public in front of stores and on busy intersections in communities across our nation. We all have power that we are not using. Become a go-giver do the opposite of what you see or feel. The Bradley Reid Corporation is here to join hands with you, so when you meet one of our work participants and you donate, part of your donation directly helps that needy person.

Part of your donation also goes to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Services Division and other worthy veterans causes. The jobless veterans we will help to get employeement often tell us that they’ve found new purpose in life. Everyone has value and our biggest gift to life is working to help someone find there hope and value. It can be something as small as a job. By helping them find work, they earn a paycheck and they too help the next and we all work together to end the needs of a handout. And by working together with other veterans, they establish a support network to help them overcome other challenges in their lives.

Veterans Support Servicese

The Bradley Reid Corporation Organization is a family resource in helping veterans transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life. We are a nonprofit that provides employment, housing and financial assistance to veterans and leading veterans support agencies. Our programs have improved the lives of thousands of veterans. As a result, BRC developed three core programs. Our work program gave them training and financial independence. Our housing program provided supportive transitional housing in a sober-living community. And our employment training and life skills program offered aid to educational business value and skill development that help to serve the veterans’ needs. They work together, often through teams, in gaining the employment training and life skills to become self-sufficient. These programs are set up for veterans to help each other.

  • "There are over 8,800 homeless Veterans in North Carolina. Recent unemployment figures indicate that unemployment among Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans is over 28%. Many Veterans, once they return home, need help reintegrating back into society."

  • "North Carolina is home to over 800,000 Veterans and has the greatest number of active duty troops on the East Coast. Despite these numbers, there is no integrated state-wide program that provides the different levels of service – from hospitalization to drug treatment to vocational training - that our Veterans need.